The Royal Dragon Riders

Because horses are boring and squishy.


Guild Leader:

Crystal Lanzana - May we all love and respect her and her niceness.


Dirax Quickblade - Crystal's brother, and the real reason our guild exists.


Apian The Assassin

Auntie Eme

Billy Infected Cow

Elemental Wizzrd

Frye Deathhand

Kina Shunko

Key Of Dreams

Naz Muffin

What we're about:

     TRDR is meant to be a group of friends.  The point is not to accomplish any one thing, but to do it with people that are fun to be with.  In the many years that TRDR has existed we have done everything from general game play, to farming faction and items, to PvP.  Guild members knowledge covers a wide range of areas.  If you want to learn something there is almost always someone to learn from or learn with.  All that's needed is the initiative to ask.  On the whole our members are friendly and worth spending time with, even the quieter members and those that aren’t on as much.  Our Alliance has a similar mentality and is full of kickass, awesome, and friendly players, and people are always welcome to come join in on vent for some conversation as they play.

News and Updates

~~Other Contacts and Games~~

We have both a group on Facebook and a group on Steam now, please tell Crystal or Ruksul if you want added to either and we'll make sure you get in.  Everyone currently in the Steam group has Left 4 Dead so if you want more people to play with that is always an option.


~~GW2 Tomfoolery~~

We're having too damn much fun doing stuff in the Beta Weekends. Most of us are hanging out in Jade Quarry, with some overflow in Fort Aspenwood. We'll guest whoever we need to if you want to go do stuff! PM Crystal Returns :)


~~Guild Album~~
We're still in the process of adding members pictures to the guild album.  If you have a pic or screenshot you would like put in the galleries please send it in and we will get it up as soon as possible.



If you would like something added or have questions email us at

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