The Royal Dragon Riders

Because horses are boring and squishy.

Code of Conduct

  1. Swearing and Sexual talk are not allowed in Guild or Alliance chat.
  2. Sexual harassment is an immediate kickable offense.
  3. Begging for items in Guild or Alliance chat isn't allowed.
  4. Don't take your problems out on other people.


     Swearing and sexual discussion is usually offensive. Our guild has people from various backgrounds and ages, and we don't want to be liable for teaching a school-aged child a new phrase they really shouldn't be using.  Please keep these kinds of conversation out of Guild and Alliance chat. People circumventing this rule repeatedly will be kicked.

     Sexual Harassment is taken very seriously. While there is a difference between joking with someone and intentionally disrespecting someone, there is a One strike and you're gone policy. This includes using the word "gay" or "faggot" and any other form that includes those words meant in a negative way. There are thousands of other words to choose from to say something is stupid, please choose one of those.

      In the past we've had a lot of problems caused by people randomly giving out or lending money and items. Because of the ensuing drama-fest, we've decided that this isn't allowed in public channels. If you want to lend stuff, please do it in private chats. Asking for people to buy you stuff is also in this category. If you really need money, ask someone to show you a good way to make it. Being self-sufficient is awesome :D

      Please check your drama at the door. Most people play this game to have fun and unwind, not start flame wars. This applies to people outside the guild. We understand that people are pinheads, but actively going out to start a fight with someone will just make us kick you. The guild isn't your personal venting ground. 

Overall, we welcome you to TRDR and hope you make some awesome friends during your stay ^^. Respect your Guild Leader, and follow in her example.

About the Bank...

     We have a bank-type account in the guild where people have donated items for the good of the guild. If you take something out of the bank we document what you have and whatnot, and it is expected to be replaced.The bank isn't just a 'free stuff' account here for guildie amusement. If you don't replace what you've taken from the bank... well... let's not think about that, shall we?

    We also have a TRDR Charity account. If you have something to donate to the charity account, it means you don't expect to get the item returned to you. PM Crystal Lanzana for more info ^^.